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Business Law

Business Law Attorney Las Vegas

In all aspects of business, disputes can only be resolved by a third party decision.  Whether those disputes are between two separate businesses or between the owners of the same business, resolution often can only be achieved through effective advocacy, whether it is a judge, jury or arbitrator making the decision.  Litigation on complex business disputes requires an all-hands-on-deck focus for trial preparation and discovery to identify the devil in the details.

Having represented small business, entrepreneurs, and large corporations, the lawyers of Schwartz Flansburg are experienced trial tacticians who know how to navigate the troubled and tumultuous waters of complex business litigation.  Moreover, we are willing to share the risk in certain cases, by pursuing business matters on a contingency or blended contingency arrangement.


Conceiving of an enterprise is only the first step.  It is important to know which business entity best suits your enterprise
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Litigation is a specific skill set that transcends the courtroom.  From the conference room to the courtroom, litigators gather information and sift through the facts to best advocate for a client’s interest.
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At Schwartz Flansburg, we are one of the few firms in this part of Nevada to provide Chapter 11 bankruptcy services. The plan of reorganization is essentially the contract that tells creditors what they will receive through the reorganization. 
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