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Judicial Foreclosure

Nevada Judicial Foreclosure Attorneys

In Nevada, some lenders are opting for judicial foreclosure, which is a way of foreclosing by filing a lawsuit against the borrower and requesting permission from the court to foreclose.  Alternatively, lenders can pursue non-judicial foreclosure by recording a Notice of Default, followed by a Notice of Trustee Sale approximately 90 days later.

Experienced Lawyers

At Schwartz Flansburg we have a history of representing borrowers in lawsuits with their lenders. Our Las Vegas lawyers have the knowledge required to present a strong case to negotiate with your lender(s). Our experience with foreclosures, bankruptcies and short sales gives us the ability to help clients with their options.

Options for Settling a Judicial Foreclosure

In connection with a judicial foreclosure, borrowers have several options for settling, including negotiating for: • Time to begin and complete a short sale • A loan modification • A deed-in-lieu of foreclosure • A consensual foreclosure and move-out date. If you do not want to settle with your lender, you also have the option to litigate, and at Schwartz Flansburg, we have experience litigating with lenders and can walk you through the strategy and tactics of complex litigation with your bank.

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At Schwartz Flansburg, we will assess your unique financial situation, ask the right questions and explain the legal and financial alternatives available in clear and understandable language. Contact us to learn more about our real estate practice in Las Vegas. We have Spanish-speaking staff to assist those who communicate best in Spanish.

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