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Short Sale Service for Realtors

Real Estate Short Sale Service for Realtors

After four years of offering short sale services exclusively to Schwartz Realty. Schwartz Flansburg is now offering its short sale services to Realtors.  We will handle the entire process for you, from the time you list and receive an offer on the property, to the time the sale closes, with two goals in mind: • Protect Your Seller • Protect Your Commission. We believe that everyone, regardless of the size of their asset base or the number of zeros on their tax return, can have a successful short sale. Our services include: • FREE 30 minute consultation with you AND your seller; • Drafting Hardship letters; • Reviewing all hardship materials, including: • Bank accounts; • Tax returns; • Paystubs and any other related assets; • Negotiating the approval of your short sales with all of the seller’s lenders, as well as: • Deficiency waivers; and • Credit repair • Coordinating the closing with the buyer, seller and title; and • Perhaps, most importantly, providing regular updates to all parties of the status of the sale so you can focus on business growth, not business management. View More Information Regarding Short Sales

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At Schwartz Flansburg, we will assess your unique financial situation, ask the right questions and explain the legal and financial alternatives available in clear and understandable language. Contact us to learn more about our real estate practice in Las Vegas. We have Spanish-speaking staff to assist those who communicate best in Spanish.

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