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Business Litigation Lawyer

Litigation is a specific skill set that transcends the courtroom.  From the conference room to the courtroom, litigators gather information and sift through the facts to best advocate for a client’s interest.

Cases are often won and lost well before they are ever presented to a jury or a judge. Litigators are the client’s voice in reaching a resolution. That is why our attorneys work through the discovery process to mine the facts that best support the client’s case, provide mediators the necessary information for the best resolution, draft quality motions with detailed legal analysis to limit or eliminate issues, package the case for an arbitration by expert professionals, and maneuver through the evidence rules, when necessary, to present the case for trial.

Schwartz Flansburg lawyers have the experience to present the client’s cases in trial and the expert judgment to avoid trial when that best accomplishes the client’s objectives. Through the use of detailed analysis and in-depth legal research, our lawyers are equipped to navigate the most unique and novel issues of law, and best prepare the case for trial.

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